"My body is so strong and alive and the work that she does is nothing short of miraculous. I will do whatever it takes to be in her hands twice a month. I worship her like the goddess that she is. Thank you!!”

Eric S. Jan 2024

"Halen will find trigger points you didn't even know you had. She knows the body well and I highly recommend her.”

W. Raub January 2024

"I can not express enough how AMAZING Halen is! She truly has a gift and NO ONE compares to her! I have tried several other massage people & it's just a waste of money cause they don't fix the problem. Every time I have major pain in my back and go to Halen the problem is solved! When I have gone to anyone else I leave with same problem I don't feel any better. If you want a real massage and rid of your pain there is no other choice than Halen I promise you that!”

Tammy D. December 2023

"I highly recommend Helen for massages. I’ve been going to her for over 15 years and have never had a complaint. She’s intuitive and listens when I mention any pains. She has a ton of knowledge and answers questions when I ask her about the body. I’ve tried a few massage places over the years, but no place compares to the massages from Halen. I’m grateful to have found her!

Mary G. December 2023

"I have been seeing Halen for almost 20 years now. I refuse to go anywhere else. She will save u lots of money from the doctors who say u need to ingest a bunch of drugs just to cure u but when I go see Halen, she immediately tells me what's wrong and how to cure it...WORKS EVERY TIME!!!!

Valerie H. December 2023

"This deal was an absolute steal. I feel so honored and privileged to have met Halen and to have experienced her unique brand of massage. She is a true healer and I will continue to be her client.

I've had multiple "superficial" massages over the years with many different therapists. Never have I experienced a true, therapeutic massage."

Ciana V.

"I had severe dry eyes for over 45 years and I would have to put at least six drops of moisture in my eyes every hour. After the first two hour treatment with Halen I came back the following week and I was so excited to tell her that I only had to put two drops of moisture in my eyes throughout the whole day. I am a believer of her energy healing."

S., Denver, Colorado

"If you want to be pampered, want relaxation & want your aches & pains to go away, it is well worth your time to get on the table & let Halen do her magic. Seriously! What a treat."

Angie H., Denver, Colorado

"For over 17 years I had this huge dowagers hump the size of a softball on the back of my neck. I went to the doctors and they said that there is nothing that they can do for that hump and that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. After seeing Halen she told me that this hump could create all kinds of aches and pains in my shoulders, neck, head and numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers. She told me that she could help me get rid of all that and I said no way the doctors said I had to live with it the rest of my life. She told me no you don’t. I said ok next week I will be in and let’s do this for the next few weeks. She worked on the hump and I returned to her and gave her my results. I told her everything you told me that could be wrong with me was and I told her that my teeth and gums no longer hurt 24/7. I never mentioned that to her but I had gone to a specialist for my teeth and gums being in pain and the specialist said there was nothing wrong. Well Halen helped get rid of my pain in my teeth and gums. I told her that I was so happy that I wanted her to continue working on my hump. Halen worked on it for the next couple of weeks and by the fourth week it was down to a quarter size. Halen is the master and/or expert of massage!"

F. Gilmore, Nevada

"I was referred to Halen by my mom. When I came in to see Halen I was in pain and I could not move my neck, right shoulder or arm, I believe I had what they call frozen shoulder. Halen told me what was happening to me and that she would have to focus on the areas. I came back the following week excited to show Halen how I can move my neck, swing my arm and move my shoulder. I mentioned to Halen that I could not believe it because two of my relatives are massage therapists and I went to see them and they could not help me."

J.C., Wheat Ridge, Colorado

"I came in to see Halen by a customer who told me about her. She told me that it may take awhile because she noticed that my legs had saddle bags on them (excess tissue) that would need to be worked on for a good while. After several months of her working on my nerve pain legs I finally noticed one night getting ready for bed that I no longer had the nerve pain in my legs. I am so thankful that I came in and so relieved of no more nerve pain in my legs."

B.L, 1/2018

"When I came to see Halen I was in pain and I could not move my neck, right shoulder or arm, I believe I had what they call frozen shoulder. Halen told me what was happening to me and that she would have to focus on the areas. I came back the two days later excited to show Halen how I can move my neck, my arm and move my shoulder. I mentioned to Halen that I could not believe it because my chiropractor told me it was a tendon that was not put on my shoulder bone appropriately and Halen knew better."

Al, Crestone, 6/2017

"Was suffering from daily vertigo or unbalanced feeling. After just one session, the vertigo decreased substantially!! Will definitely keep going back and recommend to others. Thank you!"

Brian V. 3/2016

"In my youth I was into boxing and so I was continually being punched in the head. I am now in my 60s and I came in to see Halen on a neighbors referral. Halen had basically given me a run down of what was happening to my body. She mentioned to me that she could help with my cauliflower ears but that she would need at least several sessions with me. I came in the next couple of weeks and by the fourth session my ears were back to normal. Thank you!"

F.J., 4/2015

"I came in to see Halen on a Money Mailer she had sent in the mail over four years ago. I came in several times for a massage and found that the work she was doing was giving me some relief. She eventually told me that she could help me with my low back pain. I was hesitant at first because she does work you over. She stated to me that I would need to be in her office every week for the next six weeks for two hours and that I cannot miss a week. I thought about it for a while and then I told her okay I will let you work my body over. She told me that she would only focus on my back, hips and upper legs for the whole two hours. So the first week when I came in I told her how I felt and that my muscles were sore for a couple of days but I did notice that the pain was easing up. She continued focusing on my lower half for the next several weeks and I mentioned to her that it took me 30 years to find you. I have had many massage therapists throughout those years and none has been able to help with my pain. My wife could attest to this because I would wake up every morning in pain just to get out of bed for the past 30 years. I am pain free that I can't thank Halen enough."

R.G., Colorado

"Halen: I state to my daughter…OMG I have a call from Hawaii? I wonder who wants to come in and see me?

Client: Hi you don’t know me and I am calling to ask you what type of massage you do? I need to tell you why I am calling. We moved here from Hawaii to Broomfield about three years ago and my child wound up having severe migraines for the last three years and I have taken my child to specialists and none could come up with what was causing her migraines. I need to tell you my story and why I called you. I have prayed for an answer for my daughter as to finding someone and earlier this morning around 2a.m. I had a dream where a man came to me and said go see “Halen.” So I woke up and got on the computer and typed in the name as I heard it and all I got was Eddie Van Halen, so I sat there thinking I know this is not the person because most people know who Eddie Van Halen is… so something told me to type in Halen Healing and I did and you were at the top of the page.

Halen: We do a type of massage that we feel where the issues are at and work on the stuck energy to release the issue.

Client: Well what do you do for migraines for children and what was the youngest age you worked on.

Halen: We work on the neck to open various parts of stuck energies throughout the neck. I also tell the person that if they want their migraines to go away then I would need them in every week for at least six weeks. I have worked on children starting at the age of five.

Client: So how much do you charge.

Halen: I stated how much and the client said let me call you back in a week. So client called back a week later.

Client: Okay let’s do this.

Halen: Okay but I have to have your word that you will bring the child in every week and you can’t miss a week.

Client: I will have my child there.

Halen: Great. Five weeks later…..

Client: I can’t believe my child’s migraines are gone by just massaging. I am so thankful that I was able to find you. Thank you so much.

Halen: You are welcome. Make sure your child gets a massage at least every six weeks by someone out where you live."


"I have known Halen for 20 years, and it is true what other reviewers have said. She has studied the anatomy of the body and her experience pays off. Driving for a living, she has helped me with foot problems, leg problems, and mostly head, back and shoulder pain. Her massages get results.”

Steven P. January 2024

"I had really bad panic attacks and tried everything from chiropractic care to, acupuncture. I consulted with Halen and decided to try a 2 hour massage session. Off just one session I felt relief. We stayed consistent and I did a 2 hour session every 2 weeks for about 5 months and that put my anxiety away. That was about 5 years ago and I still live with my anxiety under complete control. Very greatful to have met Halen. Thank you

Brian V. December 2023

"Thanks Halen for giving me the best massage I've ever had! You're so knowledgeable and intuitive, I left feeling amazing and couldn't wait to come back!"

Cheryl H. December 2023

"I am so impressed and blown away at Halen's work! She is so knowledgeable and intuitive! I have never had body work like this before. I didn't tell her anything about my body but she was able to tell every injury that I've ever had, she was also able to tell that I was having problems with my hip, shoulders, head, lung, bladder, kidney... You name it she knew everything about what's happening to my body. Incredible! Most massages that I've had just massage you. With Halen it was so different. She actually can feel what's happening in your body and how it's affecting you and how to help you fix it. I'm so amazed I already booked 5 follow up sessions to have her help me heal. Thank you Halen! More people need to know about your services, so you can help them too.

Melove December 2023

"Halen is a gifted Medical wonder goddess. I went to Halen on a recommendation from a friend, and wow was I surprised. She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had.

She will detect trigger spots, injuries, and problem areas better than any doctor or physical therapist could. She has a unique power to heal with her hands.

You will walk away in better physical and mental shape.

I would recommend her wholeheartedly."

Wally R.

"I came in to see Halen through my daughter’s referral. I was in severe pain in my glute area for a very long time. I drive thousands of miles every month so I was on the verge of retiring from my position as a doctor. I did not tell Halen I was a doctor and so she continued to do her magic on me and said that she would need to see me every week for at least six weeks and that I could not miss a week. I told her that I will be here. I came in the following week in disbelief because I could not believe that a massage would get rid of my pain. After by the third session the pain in my glutes was easing up and it did not hurt as much to sit. By the sixth session the pain was gone. I told Halen I am totally dumbfounded because I did not believe that a massage would get rid of my pain. Halen saved my career as a doctor and I am totally amazed."

G., M.D., Parker, Colorado

"I met Halen years ago and so from time to time we would talk. I started to have pain, tingling and numbness in my arms, shoulders and neck area. It started to affect my performance in my job so I came in to see Halen and she knew right away where the energy was stuck and started to work on the area. After the session was over I did what she had exactly stated and by the next couple of days all the ailments were gone. Thank you Halen for the expertise work that you do!"

Diana, Richland Hills, Texas

"The advent of a new year inspires many of us to resolve to renew ourselves so that by the end of the next year we will be physically healthier and stronger, mentally smarter and sharper and more aligned with our spiritual selves and the universe. Many of us need a guide to help us on this journey. The good news is that there exists a massage therapist in the Denver/ Lakewood area who can help us achieve our goal to grow in BODY ↔ MIND ↔ SPIRIT. Halen is a fabulous therapist who offers a very unique style of massage; she has the ability to intuit the possible source of our pain / discomfort and focus her massage on addressing that specific need. Halen reminds us that healing the whole person can only occur if there exists a balance among the BODY ↔ MIND ↔ SPIRIT and she accompanies her massages with words of guidance designed to help us figure out possible disturbances in our mind/spirit/daily lives that could be contributing to or otherwise causing our physical discomfort. I have been a client of Halen’s for almost seven years during which time she has kept me feeling healthy and hopeful through some very difficult life events – she helped me keep the BODY ↔ MIND ↔ SPIRIT triad in balance.

Halen’s method of healing starts from the moment she greets you in her office and asks quite simply, “How are you?” Be assured, even if you are vague in your response she will have begun envisioning her plan to give you the type (style) of massage she believes will help begin your healing process. Halen’s mind and interests are as eclectic as her massages. Don’t be surprised when Halen gives you information from ancient Chinese healing arts or tweaks her “atypical” massage with a variety of components from the myriad techniques found in the massage therapist’s tool kit. Once during a massage Halen related stories about survival beliefs from the ancient Anasazi and suggested how they pertained to my imbalance / disease (dis-ease).

Time spent with Halen will help you walk away feeling refreshed, focused, positive and convinced that you have the ability within you to actually achieve your daily and yearly personal healing and growth goals."

K., Sloans Lake, Colorado

"I had started seeing Halen for a couple of weeks and I came in on one Saturday excited to tell her that I had just seen the doctor yesterday and he told me that whatever you are doing to keep doing it. Halen didn’t understand because I didn’t tell her that I had an immune disorder that I did not tell her. So I told Halen that my doctor said my immune disorder is going in reverse and I am healing. I told Halen the only thing I did different was change massage therapists. I am so excited to finally find someone who understands the change that my body has done."

J., Castle Rock, Colorado

"I came in to see Halen due to various reasons. As she worked on me she told me what was wrong with me and that if I wanted these issues to be resolved that I would need to come in every week for at least six weeks. I mentioned to her that if I notice a difference I will be here because I want these issues gone. So she worked on me for two hours in the areas that were affecting my body. I came out of her office with some of the pain gone. I told her that I will be back next week and let me get my name in your books. When I came back the next week I was feeling more than half better. I said to her that I couldn’t even hold my head up at times because I would get so dizzy due to the vertigo. I was so excited to be able to have found her."

BD, Colorado

"I have had massages from many people, and they are generally helpful. Halen is in a class by herself.

I felt rejuvenated and pain was removed that I had so long I forgot I had it. What I received for what I paid was a great value, and I intend to make this a regular habit.

She has a sense of what needs doing that is uncanny."

Ed W. 4/21/2014

"I finished a series of 4 massage sessions. The results continues to improve. The most remarkable surprise was the sectoring of my forearms and hands. They were still working, but Carpal Tunnel and shooting pains into my hands was typical. That stopped totally. I can rotate my head around more smoothly, which helps with driving. Joint mobility is generally much improved, which helps a lot in my upper back area. It actually seems like my teeth are hurting a lot less, as strange as that seems. Halen was expecting that."

Ed W., 5/11/2014

"Do you know who Halen is – I have a therapist named Halen and she’s a massage therapist who is helping me – Raphael (my guide) is connected through Halen – Halen is going to help – Has Halen said anything to you that has been confirming what I just said – not that I can connect right now – the next time she says something give it more weight and remember we said this. She’s serving as the messenger so when she works on you does she ever say what she’s getting? Yes. She has validity – per Raphael trust her guidance cause she has information that will free me in some ways.

HOLY SNICKIES!!!! I am so not making this up in any way.... Kim was with me."

Kellie W., Denver, Colorado

"Hi Halen~ i told you I was going to Athena Wellness in the Highlands for homeopathy work. Anyway, my blood tests came back... Called out was...

liver, kidney, B12, B6, Iron, inability to absorb water

A couple other things too however but YOU HAVE CALLED all those items out on me as needing to be addressed... TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. So the good news is I'm getting it addressed as well as Angie/Angela with Athena may be reaching out to you - maybe there is a way you can partner with her sending you clients etc. Angie is a medical intuite too and was indeed pretty blown away. I know your path is going more towards education however, never hurts to perhaps make a new friend.

We'll see what happens but wanted to give you a heads up should she indeed call."

Kellie W., Denver, Colorado